Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven

At first blush, Bruno Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven" sounds like the Police's classic "Message In a Bottle" had a head-on collision with the band Maroon 5. However, the vocal percussion in the song and an overall air of glossy Motown showmanship are distinctively Bruno Mars. His voice has a sweet appeal that grabs the heartstrings whether he is pleading while wrapped up in a disastrous relationship in the hit "Grenade" or praising a current love in "Locked Out Of Heaven."

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The lyrics have an interesting twist. The title "Locked Out Of Heaven" would seem to indicate this song is about a relationship gone bad. However, it is about a relationship that is so good Bruno Mars feels like he has been "locked out of heaven" for a long long time while waiting for a relationship like this. Bruno Mars has proven on his previous hits that he knows how to get to the emotional core of a situation in song lyrics, and "Locked Out Of Heaven" continues that pattern. It is a well-written song that rises above the ordinary material sometimes clogging pop radio airwaves.

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